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'My Lockdown'

'My Lockdown'

My Lockdown, At Home

Lynn Challenger, UBS Asset Management

(Answers provided on May 14.)





With Lynn Challenger, Global Head of Trading, UBS Asset Management

What have you been watching?

The Last Dance, on Netflix; National Theatre plays, on YouTube; Hunters, on Amazon Prime.

What have you been reading?

I’ve been reading a lot of newspapers and reports on COVID-19 and policy responses, and Union Atlantic, by Adam Haslett, and Good Strategy/Bad Strategy, by Richard Rumelt.

What has been the family fun?

Living in Switzerland, we are surrounded by endless biking and hiking trails. So, the number one thing we do is try to get out into nature and keep moving. Monopoly, and my kids love Minecraft. Cookouts in the backyard and hanging out around the fire pit.

How has your daily schedule changed?

My work routines haven’t changed that much. My team is actually spread across the globe, so before the crisis I was already spending the majority of my time on video conference calls. I do miss the camaraderie and the culture in the Zurich office. We try to do a virtual Zurich happy hour every week. We are actually getting better at figuring out how to actually have a casual social gathering online.

I miss my commute because I ride my bike to work and that was my daily workout. But now I get to see my kids and spend a moment with my wife every morning at breakfast. And I am lucky to have a small workout area in my house so I can get my heart moving during lunch.

Best thing about lockdown?

Spending time with my family. I get to share an office with my wife, and I get to see my kids more.

Worst thing about lockdown?

I miss seeing UBS colleagues and people in the industry. I really like the people I work with and enjoy being around them.

What have you learned during lockdown?

I have learned that we can accomplish a lot in a short period of time when we have to. A large company like UBS has policies and procedures that need to be followed at all times. But this crisis united everyone on a common goal and the amount of teamwork and cross-unit problem-solving has been incredible.

Worked any hobbies or taken up any new ones?

Unfortunately, no. Work is a lot more demanding and riddled with new and explosive risks. If anything, I have simplified and focused.

Pants for Zoom calls — yes or no?

Ha! I definitely do not don the full office uniform when I am at home. Although, I haven’t gone for the bunker beard either.

First thing you want to do when things get back to ‘normal’?

Travel the globe, see the team and get everyone out for a celebration.

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