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Chip Lowry

6 min read

FX Trading Q&A: Chip Lowry

Newly retired State Street Global Advisors exec discusses the evolution of the FX market, and current challenges.

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Anju Kambadur, Bloomberg

9 min read

Trading Innovation: Is AI Really Improving Execution Efficiency?

“AI still needs human intervention in the near term...within 10 years’ time it will be possible to see fully mature products and solutions."

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Ted Husveth, Tradeweb

4 min read

Portfolio Trading: Volumes, Execution Quality Take Center Stage

tradeweb is confident that clients will continue to leverage portfolio trading in innovative ways, and in every market condition.

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Rick Rieder, BlackRock

3 min read

BlackRock’s Rieder Highlights Economic Shift from Carburetors to Compilers

Healthcare and technology are the two core foundations for investing today.

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Brian Hyndman, Blue Ocean ATS

3 min read

Blue Ocean ATS Extends into Japan as Volumes Rise

There has been 30-fold growth in volumes this year on the ATS which provides overnight trading of US stocks.

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Jamil Nazarali, EDX Markets

4 min read

Institutional 'Land Grab' for Crypto

Traditional firms backing EDX Markets and applying for spot bitcoin ETFs mark a turning point.

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Eric Heleine, Groupama Asset Management

4 min read

Buy-Side Perspective: Embracing innovation and automation

Eric Heleine, head of trading desk at Groupama Asset Management, delves into the growing role of technological innovation and automation in buy-side...

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Ryan Swann, Vanguard

2 min read

Vanguard Stresses Centralization of Data and Analytics

Chief Data Analytics Officer emphasizes the criticality of centralized, co-located data & analytics teams.

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Gary Gensler, SEC

3 min read

Regulators Warn on Alternative Libor Rates

Certain alternatives being considered in the markets may present the same flaws as Libor.

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Patrick Wegner, Celent

5 min read

Finding Value in Fixed Income Trading Technology

Understanding value can help firms focus efforts and make effective strategy and spending decisions.

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