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Buy-Side View

Hugh Spencer, Janus Henderson

5 min read

Generation Next: Empowering Tomorrow's Traders, Today

there must be an emphasis on skillset development and personal fulfillment, along with connectivity and engagement.

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Brigitte Le Bris, Ostrum Asset Management

3 min read

The Buy-Side Trading Desk: A Fund Manager's View

"I expect the trading desk to offer the best service while having a large set of counterparties...(and) to know when to trade via platform or by...

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Nathan Vurgest, Record Currency Management

4 min read

The Evolution of FX Trading

Director of trading cites the "constant balancing act of execution vs non-execution work" as an ongoing challenge on the trading desk.

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Michael Warlan, Third Avenue Management

3 min read

SEC Equity Market Structure Proposals: A Buy-Side View

"when the list was released I was surprised about how much made it into the agenda, and I felt that the proposals were very ambitious."

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Dan Royal, Janus Henderson

7 min read

Buy-Side Perspective: A practical approach to Best Execution

Three critical components in the Best Execution process are channel, broker, and tool selection.

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Paul Squires, Invesco

6 min read

Slow off the blocks – the buy-side view

"The whole year has been one of waiting for a correction."

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Yannig Loyer, AXA Investment Managers

11 min read

Engineering better trading

Honing the trading function is an art; it requires an engineer’s eye for improving systems but a leader’s eye for putting the team first.

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Jatin Vara, BlackRock

3 min read

Data is Watchword for BlackRock Co-Head of Global Trading

Jatin Vara, co-head of global trading at BlackRock, spoke at FIA IDX in London.

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Darrin Sokol, Lazard Asset Management

2 min read

Excellence in Equities Trading: Darrin Sokol, Lazard Asset Management

Veteran buy-side trader cites Leon Cooperman as a strong career influence.

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Global Trading Magazine

5 min read

ETF Trading: Best Practices for Volatile Markets

trading ETFs in volatile markets requires a tactical and strategic approach to minimize transaction costs.

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