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Thomson Reuters REDI

Thomson Reuters REDI

Empowering Today’s Buy-Side Trader

Evolving Market Demands Require Evolved Partners
The difficulties facing today’s buy-side trading desk are well known, with technology costs rising, regulatory requirements becoming more onerous, and buy-side fees compressing are just a few of the challenges. Traders are looking for partners who can deliver an end-to-end trading solution that meets their execution, analytics and market data needs, as well as one that reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

At the same time, your role as a trader continues to evolve, with new asset classes, geographies and responsibilities now most likely part of your mandate.

Given this reality, our trading clients require a single solution that simplifies trading workflows by bringing deeper liquidity, additional counterparties, more powerful trading capabilities, and better intelligence and analytics.  Our clients are looking to do more with fewer resources.

Both the buy-side and sell-side are rightfully considering big changes to their technology stacks. They are turning to technologies that help them to scale, lower their TCO, offer frictionless integration and connect to a broad array of content and deep pools of liquidity in order to efficiently trade.


REDI Rounds Out the Platform

With the advanced REDI EMS (Execution Management System) now integrated into the Thomson Reuters platform, you can leverage our award-winning EMS capabilities across a wide range of asset classes. With REDI, you can move seamlessly from pre-trade activities through to post-trade via a single, fully integrated and open platform environment.

With support for the full trading life cycle, Thomson Reuters REDI simplifies trading with a sophisticated execution, workflow and compliance solution.


Execution Tools

Thomson Reuters REDI supports the trading of listed equities, options or futures globally, as well as advanced execution tools like portfolio and spread trading.

  • Single-stock trading – Trade single stocks with ease using intuitive execution capabilities
  • Portfolio trading – Execute global, multi-asset portfolios across multiple counterparties
  • Spread trading – Implement a broad range of strategies, including ratio, risk arbitrage and relative price
  • Options trading – Trade equity options, option spreads and options on futures globally
  • Futures trading – Execute nearly any listed future globally across multiple brokers


Workflow capabilities

Through integrations with more than 20 prime brokers and clearing firms, REDI’s suite of order management capabilities supports users throughout the trade life cycle.

  • Order and ticket staging – Create and manage parent orders in REDI, or leverage our integration network to receive parent orders from partner systems
  • Position management – Easily load your start-of-day position files and use quick filters to view by asset class, notional value, account and P&L
  • Locate management – Submit and view status of all requests and the real-time inventory of approved locates
  • Allocation and commission tools – Allocate equities or options transactions between accounts via the allocation engine while leveraging user-defined commission schedules
  • End-of-day files – drop executed trade files seamlessly to any of the 20+ prime brokers and clearing firms in REDI’s growing network

Compliance tools

REDI’s suite of compliance tools offers a robust, cost-effective solution capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of market participants.

  • Risk Manager – Utilize dozens of trading rules based on symbol, exposure, P&L, liquidity or security triggers that block offending trades at the point of order entry, before they are routed to a broker for execution
  • Automatic Order Marker – Split US equities sell orders into Sell Long and Sell Short orders based on the net position of the securities in a defined trading aggregation unit
  • Anti-crossing – Prevents users within the same supervisory group from crossing Futures orders with each other, providing either a hard or soft block as defined by the administrator
  • OATS reporting – Combines order audit trail feeds from multiple third-party platforms (EMS, OMS or proprietary systems) from across your organization and submits a single, consolidated report to FINRA
  • Custom reports – Customizable Daily Trade Blotter, User and Custom Account reporting tools

The combination of REDI with other Thomson Reuters components creates a powerful buy-side trading platform enabling you to identify trading opportunities, connect with counterparties and contacts, and discover liquidity before executing.

  • With Eikon, Thomson Reuters next-generation financial markets desktop, content running along-side REDI, you now have access to open and powerful pre-trade capabilities which give you access to a growing suite of trader-focused apps and premier content derived from natural language search.
  • An integrated Eikon Messenger enables you to connect with a community of over 300,000 verified financial professionals across more than 30,000 firms in 180 countries, and share text, live data, charts and analytics, and collaborate with your network from a single platform.
  • Access to the Thomson Reuters Autex Suite, which includes the Autex IOI network and Advertised Trades Apps which provide unparalleled access to liquidity.
  • Connectivity to a network of more than 600 brokers and venues with Autex Trade Route. Where you have the option to subscribe to one of the world’s largest FIX order routing networks handling order flow of over 40 billion shares a day.


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